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By pps-planning, Apr 21 2016 07:23PM

The Government has published new technical guidance on the Government website. Click here

'Permitted development ' rights allow householders to improve and extend their homes without the need to apply for planning permission where that would be out of proportion with the impact of works carried out.

This technical guidance has been produced to help homeowners understand how they can exercise their rights to carry out development while protecting the interests of their neighbours and the wider environment. It is designed to be used by anyone who wants to understand more about the detailed rules on householder permitted development and the terms used in those rules.

PPS Planning welcomes the new guidance but is concerned that the guidance is not an easy read and is not well presented. The Government's Planning Portal is easier to understand and the service is free. However, homeowners should be aware that in some areas, rights may be restricted (for example if your property is listed or if your rights have been removed by your Council or by the original planning permission). If you are in any doubt, seek professional advice before you start. PPS Planning can help.

Homeowners should also be aware that when you sell your property you may need proof that your extension is lawful. PPS Planning can help you with an application for a Lawful Development Certificate.

By pps-planning, Sep 19 2012 03:44PM

Channel Four currently has a new property programme “Double Your House for Half the Money” with Sarah Beeny. The aim of the programme is to highlight what improvements can be made to the home to increase living space without the need to move. In last week's programme Sarah Beeny advised contacting Building Control as part of the process. This is critical because the Building Regulations are there to ensure the building meets health and safety standards. We all know the do-it yourself expert or the cowboy builder is capable of attempting building alterations without being sure about things like fire risk, structural loading, energy conservation etc..

Hopefully, Sarah will get round to explaining the need to check if planning permission is required also as building regulations approval and planning permission are not the same. Most new buildings, major alterations to existing buildings, and significant changes to the use of a building or piece of land need planning permission from the local authority.

Problems with planning application for a house extension can often be resolved between the applicant, the builder or architect and the local authority planners but drawing on the services of a chartered planning consultant is advised in more difficult cases or if you think the local authority is being unreasonable. (contact pps-planning.co.uk or e-mail info@pps-planning.co.uk)

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