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By pps-planning, Nov 30 2016 04:00PM

Have your say now before its too late....

There are widespread concerns over the proposed allocation of large areas of countryside for future development.around Royton, Shaw, Rochdale and Middleton.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has (in conjunction with Local Authorities) produced a Draft Greater Manchester Strategic Framework (GMSF) for consultation. The GMSF allocates many sites across the whole of the Greater Manchester Region with the aim of ensuring there is sufficient land for new housing and employment uses to meet future needs of the existing and growing population up to 2035.

It is clear that those needs cannot be met on sites within the urban area and that some green belt sites must be identified for future development. The Draft Framework identifies a focus for employment and housing growth within a ‘Northern Gateway’ focussed on the M62 around Oldham and Rochdale. Whilst the need for some growth is supported, here the extent of proposed green belt release has shocked local residents. Some sites in Rochdale (e.g. Kingsway Business Park) and land south of Heywood will be no surprise, but the extent of the proposals to take land out of the green belt (which currently separates Rochdale, Middleton and Royton) for development is of a scale that has horrified local residents. The area straddles the A627M, extends to A671 in Royton and includes green belt between M62 and Thornham Lane.

PPS Planning Manchester considers that the proposals are too extensive and will harm the strategic role of the green belt in this area, and the setting of Tandle Hill Country Park. We will be preparing a planning case to oppose the allocation in order to assist local residents with their objections.

To view PPS Manchester’s representations, e-mail info@pps-planning.co.uk for a free electronic copy. You can use this document to help you write your own representations.

Submitting your representation

To have your say, go to the GMFS Consultation portal which explains how you can comment on line, by email or by post.

You must submit your representations BEFORE THE 23RD DECEMBER 2016, when the consultation period ends.

The allocation includes large areas of high quality green belt land
The allocation includes large areas of high quality green belt land

By pps-planning, Aug 16 2012 11:12AM

Proposals to release up to 55 hectares of green belt land in South Heywood for development have been excluded from an updated draft of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council's core strategy planning document. (This is the Council's plan on how the borough should grow and develop up until 2028.)

The Council dropped the original draft Core Strategy after the government Inspector, Patrick Whitehead, expressed concerns over the soundness of the proposals to release 50-55 hectares green belt land for employment development. The revised Core Strategy, just published, would only allow the release of green belt land in South Heywood when:

- need can be demonstrated and certain conditions are met (e.g. other land earmarked for employment development elsewhere in the borough is being contractually committed), and

- non green belt sites are unsuitable or not available.

The Core Strategy has also been revised to reflect the recently published National Planning Policy Framework. Many other elements of the original Core Strategy are carried forward into the new document.

Public consultation has started on the revised ‘Core Strategy’. Residents, businesses, investors and anyone with an interest in Rochdale should look at the plan and comment by Monday 24 September 2012. You can read and comment on the Core Strategy here.

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