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Tameside Council consults on potential housing sites

By pps-planning, Jul 7 2014 10:06AM

Calling landowners, developers, agents and residents of Tameside.....

Your local council wants to know if you would like to suggest sites for housing development.

This is because the Council is required by the government to identify land to meet the borough’s housing needs over the next 15 years. Government policy requires the Council to identify sites and broad locations and it to ensure a five year supply exists at all times. Sites need to ‘deliverable’ i.e., suitable, developable and available.

The Council has already identified some sites through a Strategic Housing Land Assessment but it needs to update this to identify its 5 year supply and to inform its Development Plan which will allocate sites for housing.

Therefore landowners are invited to suggest sites which are well located and suitable for housing.

Further information can be obtained from the Council’s web site but if you want to suggest a site and need help in making your representations to the Council, contact PPS Planning.

Remember, the best way to realise the development value of your site is to have it identified as part of the Council’s supply or allocated in the Development Plan.

There is not much time for making representations. These must be submitted no later than 5pm Monday 4th August 2014.

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