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Founded by Paul Simpson, PPS Planning Manchester is an independent planning consultancy geared to making the ever changing planning system work for you.


During his 32 years as a chartered town planner, and 6 years as a senior planning manager with a local authority, Paul helped to deliver new homes, new jobs, regeneration projects and environmental improvements.


Paul has seen planning applications falter and development opportunities missed through a lack of professional input.  Paul has also seen how those wishing to influence new development and their environment have struggled to make a difference due to a lack of knowledge of the planning process.


Into its fifth year, PPS Planning continues to provide a helping hand for housebuilders, householders, landowners, businesses and community groups on planning applications, appeals, site appraisals and neighbourhood plans.  


PPS Planning will work closely with you to explore your options and to find solutions to your planning problems - where necessary drawing on other professionals, including engineers, surveyors, architects and ecologists.  



Want to know more about Paul Simpson?  See my CV on LinkedIn.  Contact me.



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